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Christadelphian Israeli Children's Fund

And I will bless them that bless thee...Gen. 12:3

May 25, 2023

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Children’s Home in Jerusalem has provided 80 years of care for vulnerable children. Christadelphians have helped support this work for the past 53 years. Please find overleaf an update provided by Sara Cohen, a new representative of the Home. Report item 1 contains a link to a particularly poignant video of staff speaking with children about other ways to express needs instead of self-harm.

Gaza Conflict
In recent weeks, massive rocket attacks from Islamic Jihad in Gaza required Israelis to stay in bomb shelters. One can only imagine the stress on the children and staff at the Home. Israel may be on the brink of the prophesied invasion by a confederacy of surrounding nations (Ps. 83), in which its people will suffer greatly, but ultimately be rescued by the Messiah. Let us be found helping his kinsfolk.

Good Mental Health Builds Society
The Christadelphian Israeli Children’s Fund (CICF) was founded to support the Children’s Home, now known as The Jerusalem Hills Therapeutic Centers. It was established to treat severely emotionally disturbed children emigrating from Europe following the Holocaust. Similar needs from different causes continue today. Novel methods to treat severe emotional trauma have become models worldwide.

What does CICF do?
Since 1970, Christadelphians have generously supported the Home through CICF with cumulative gifts totalling about $720,000 by the end of 2022. All donations (100%) are transferred by CICF to the Home’s registered charity partners in the USA and Canada. The partners issue tax receipts and transfer the funds net of expenses to support ongoing care for the mental and physical health of Israeli children.

How to Donate?

Donations and in memory gifts can be made to the Home conveniently online at  If needed, you may contribute by postal mail at the treasurer’s address below. Mailed donations must be received by December 15th to permit bank processing and transfer to the Home’s charity partners by year end to enable tax receipts to be lawfully issued for that year. US checks should be payable to CICF. For CRA conformance, Canadian cheques must now be payable to Canada Charity Partners, referencing Jerusalem Hills in the memo/subject area at bottom left.



Barbara Leachman

20-1550 Gordon Street Guelph, ON N1L 1C7 Canada

Yours in the Hope of Israel,

Ian McPhee, Chairman

  April 27 Report from Jerusalem Hills 


  1. A Look Inside: News Report from Kan 11: The Jerusalem Hills Children's Home has a long history. However, since its establishment, nearly 80 years ago, it has hardly been exposed to the media and the general public. On the occasion of renaming the campus after Dr. Chezi Cohen z''l*, reporter, Amir Gera, and Kan 11 news were invited to tell our story. See video: 

  2. A Child's ''Special Day" provided by our friends in Neve Ilan As part of the Ruach Tova Association's Good Deeds Day, stories were shared about donors and volunteers. The "Special Day" project was initiated by the residents of Neve Ilan, the neighbouring community to the Children's Home. This wonderful project provides each child in the Home with a day dedicated to them, complete with a homemade cake and a present - all provided by the caring residents of Neve Ilan. The Ruach Tova Association recognized the beauty of this initiative and decided to feature the project in an article on YNet News.

  3. Court Management Seminar For the first time, Jerusalem Hills hosted a training course on behalf of the court administration. A number of children come to our Children's Home following a court/judge's order. For this reason, it was crucial to show the court management where the children go after they issue their order and explain the important work that is done here.

  4. "Understanding from the Inside" Training Seminar- For the first time, a joint study day for staff of inpatient treatment centers for children with mental illnesses was held on the campus. Professionals from Sheba, Nes Tziona, and Nahariya hospitals all participated in the event. Noa Haas, CEO of the Children's Home, spoke about the significance of the meeting and the ability to create future collaborations together with the goal of growth and learning in the care of at-risk children in Israel.

  5. Jerusalem Marathon- 15 children and 15 staff joined the annual Jerusalem Marathon! Of course, everyone had a great time and were treated to a delicious meal at the home of Itzik, Co-Director of the Children's Home, after the race. (picture below)

  6. The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Season has begun: The Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations on the campus are one of the most beloved and special moments at the Home. Mazel Tov to all of our Bar/Bat Mitzvah boys and girls! 

  7. A Week of Fun: Celebrating the Holiday of Purim! 

  * z''l (pronounced zahl) is an abbreviation of a Hebrew phrase meaning “may his memory be a blessing”

  Current information about the Home                                                                                              Current CICF information                                                                                          

                                                    CICF Committee: Judy Farrar, Barbara Leachman, Ian McPhee, Mary Pike

                                                           In the Name of Jesus for the Hope of Israel

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