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The beginning of CICF

Bro. Kenneth & Sis. Evelyn McPhee

Bro. Ted & Sis. Catherine Evans

Bro. Don & Sis. Joan Morgan


Bro. Kenneth Moore (not pictured), served as Treasurer from 1970 to 1995.

Current Committee Members

Barbara Leachman has served as Treasurer since 2003. Ian McPhee joined the committee in 2012 and became Chair in 2014. Judith Farrar (nee Evans) joined the committee in 2013. Mary Pike (nee Morgan) joined in 2018 and manages this website. In recent years, the committee had worked closely with Shira Skolnik, the Home’s Director of Resource Development & Community Relations, we now welcome Naama Gur Peleg to the role.

Naama can be reached through this website to provide direct information from the Home for CICF donors.

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