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Helping Vulnerable Children

Christadelphian Israeli Children's Fund (CICF) is devoted to supporting The Jerusalem Hills Therapeutic Centers, which provides life-changing care and treatment for severely emotionally disturbed children in Israel. Together, we can make a difference, whether you want to contribute with money or time, read more about our work and learn how you can make a change today.

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Christadelphians in Britain collected funds in the 1880’s to help purchase almost 61 hectares of land at Al-Ja’una in Upper Galilee. The resulting colony, Rosh Pinna (Hebrew for cornerstone), is one of the oldest Zionist settlements in Israel and accommodated 140 Romanian and Russian Jews. Tools and large quantities of clothing were also despatched for colonies of Jewish refugees by brethren.

The Christadelphian Israeli Children’s Fund (CICF) was founded in 1970 to support the Children’s Home, now known as The Jerusalem Hills Therapeutic Centers. The Home was established to treat severely emotionally disturbed children emigrating from Europe following the Holocaust. Though arising from different causes, similar needs continue today. The methods pioneered by the Home for treatment of the effects of severe emotional trauma have become models worldwide.

Since 1970, the Christadelphian community has donated generously to the Home through the CICF. All funds donated (100%) are transferred by CICF to registered charities in the USA and Canada, which issue tax receipts and convey the funds to the Home in support of its significant ongoing contributions to the mental and physical health of Israeli children.

Our motivation then and now is based on Scripture – the promises to Abraham (Gen 12:3, 15:7, 17:8) and the many prophecies of Israel’s return to the Land preceding the Messiah’s return.

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Genesis 12:3


"I will bless those who bless you, 

And I will curse him who curses you;

And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed."

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Visits to the Home can be arranged 

Home visits can include an optional volunteer opportunity to help directly.

Simply email the Home's Director of Resource Development & Community Relations, Naama Gur Peleg - click below

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For more information on The Jerusalem Hills Therapeutic Centres, we encourage you to   

Learn about some of the special projects at JHTC

“Home Time” Groups – Children who Remain 365 Days a Year

A Special Project Proposal

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The residential care program at the "Jerusalem Hills" Children's Home is based, amongst other things, on the need to address each child's situation in a personal and intensive manner. Thus, the holiday and summer “home time” and weekends do not fully overlap the vacation schedules implemented in most residential facilities. Here, the children can go home for major holidays three times a year (Succoth, Chanukkah and Passover), with an additional three weekends annually (from Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning). The school operates through the month of July, followed by a two-week summer camp program, leaving about three weeks for summer “home time” away from the campus.

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